YDS Winter Youth Conference: organizing the fight back against austerity

by Andrew Porter

The Young Democratic Socialists are proud to announce our annual winter conference,The Return of the Democratic Left: Building a Youth Movement for the 21st Century on February 17th-19th in Brooklyn, NY! Register Now!

 This fall we saw the beginning of an inspiring movement in Occupy Wall Street and its sister actions across the United States. It is time to prepare for our spring Anti-Austerity Offensive. The 99% movement has pushed income inequality and the dangers of capitalism back into the country’s agenda.

 We still have our work cut out for us though. States like Indiana are continuing their attacks on workers’ rights to organize. The Republican presidential candidates spend most of their debates arguing over who can cut taxes the most for the wealthiest. And states are looking to slash social spending again in the spring – including funding for our education. Continue reading


Temple YDS Helps Shows Eric Cantor the Door

by Andrew Porter

Many prominent figures on the Right have condemned the peaceful Occupy Wall Street movement for attacking their friends in the financial sector. Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor called OWS a “growing mob.”

As the movement grew, Cantor softened his position. He even decided to give a speech about the problems of economic inequality to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. What a nice guy, right?

When students and Occupy Philly participants heard about this speech they leapt into action. Temple YDS students helped to organize a walk out drawing about 500 students. Many of the activists then set off through the city, feeding into a march to the Wharton Business School.

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Wooster aims to become “sweat-free” campus

By Alexandra DeGrandchamp
Senior Staff Writer, The Wooster Voice

The Wooster Democratic Socialists is actively campaigning across campus to affiliate The College of Wooster with the Workers Rights Consortium. According to Celeste Tannenbaum ’13, the WRC is a labor-rights organization that investigates collegiate apparel suppliers to ensure fair labor standards are instituted across the globe. Tannenbaum states affiliating with the WRC is a strong step, signaling that Wooster is committed to becoming a “sweat-free campus.”

The Wooster Democratic Socialists circulated a petition to President Cornwell. The petition is co-signed by 18 student organizations and over 500 students. Citing the 2009 Commencement speech and Cornwell’s commitment to global engagement, the petition states, “It is our moral obligation to ensure that the Wooster name and logo appear only on ethically produced products. For this reason, it is imperative that we begin work with the WRC as soon as possible.”

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YDS Summer Retreat

Don’t miss YDS’s Socialist Summer Retreat coming up this August 8 to 10th. This conference will be held at a retreat center just two hours north of New York City in Wurtsboro, NY. The gathering combines such nonpolitical activities such as swimming and sports with activist workshops, intellectual discussions, and strategizing over social justice activities for the coming fall, spring and beyond. In addition, we’ll also include food and housing for the weekend!

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Young Democratic Socialists and the Student Labor Week of Action

David Duhalde

Labor movement solidarity remains at the forefront of Young Democratic Socialists’ (YDS) work. As a socialist organization, we believe organized working people play a central role in movements for progressive change. YDS, however, does not limit our activism solely to trade unionism. For the past two years, as part of our annual Activist Agenda, we’ve promoted our National Immigrant Rights Project (NIRP). In 2008, we connected the NIRP to the ninth annual Student Labor Week of Action held from March 28th to April 4th.
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Connecting Capitalism & Immigration: Student Labor Week of Action 2008

David Duhalde
YDS National Organizer
Originally published on theactivist.org

yds youth organizer talks with students I gave several talks about the connection between capitalism and immigration as part of the Student Labor Week of Action. My second stop, after Butler University, was at Wooster College, where I am currently sitting in a college house scribbling through this entry. Both talks were sponsored by the campus Young Democratic Socialists and Latino students clubs. For many students, it was their first introduction to immigration’s push and pull factors that are caused by capitalism (esp. “free” trade agreements and World Bank/International Monetary Fund policies) and what it means to be an ally for many non-immigrant activists. Continue reading

Students and Workers Unite This Spring!

yds.gifYDS Joins Allies for National Labor Solidarity.
This coming spring semester looks to be a great time for student-labor activism and two important labor oriented weeks are rapidly approaching. Save the dates and don’t miss out! First, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is organizing an alternative spring break from March 16th through March 20th in Kentucky. Activists will spend their break as union organizers helping state workes in the “right-to-work” state fight for their basic human right to form a union. For more information about this awesome opportunity, check out Alternative Union Spring Break 2008.

Next, the National Student-Labor Week of Action (NSLWoA) happens between March 28th and April 4th.
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