Ten Things We Liked About the Labor Movement in 2010

By Stuart Elliott

Mary Kay Henry

1. NEW LEADERSHIP IN SEIU AND UAW. We welcome the elections of Mary Kay Henry and Bob King to the presidency of the SEIU and UAW, respectively. The election of a woman to the top role in the nation’s largest union illustrates the growing role of women in the leadership of the labor movement. Under the new leaders SEIU quickly settled its debilitating raid on UNITE HERE, and both SEIU and UAW mobilized their memberships for the One Nation Working Together rally in Washington.

2. THE ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER RALLY: Numerous unions mobilized their East Coast memberships to participate in the October 2 rally in Washington, D.C. The result was a solid tribute to the racial and cultural diversity of the U.S. labor movement.

3. LABOURSTART, the international labor news and campaigning site, is run on a shoestring and powered by nearly 800 volunteer correspondents. Every day the site publishes links to labor news in 23 different languages, and its news feeds appear on more than 800 union websites. It conducts e-mail campaigns in eight different languages. It can be found at http://www.labourstart.org.

In 2010, LabourStart held its first public international solidarity conference in Hamilton, Canada. The conference attracted over 200 participants from more than 28 countries, including national union presidents, representatives of Global Union Federations, local union officers, staffers and grassroots activists. We also like UnionBook, a LabourStart project to create an ad-free, non-corporate alternative to Facebook.

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