A Coalition of the Ascendant

U-Cubed, the IAM’s project to organize the unemployed is one of the more interesting endeavors of the labor movement.  We felt that a recent email from U-Cubed to its supporters deserved wider circulation. Here it is.–Talking Union.

by Rick Sloan

Each of these letters ends with “In Unity – Strength” and that is the philosophy of the Union of Unemployed. So, as I read about a new and incredibly divisive strategy for winning the White House next year, I became angrier and angrier.

Issued by the Center for American Progress, The Path to 270: Demographics versus Economics in the 2012 Elections argues that President Barack Obama should build a “coalition of the ascendant” made up of minorities, Millennials, single women and college-educated whites.

If you’re not in part of that Coalition of the Ascendant, you must be “rooted in the declining sector of whites,” or so says Ray Teixeira and John Halpin, the authors of this 64-page document.

Since when do Democrats discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender and education?

When did the Democrats become the party of the fashionably and upwardly mobile? When did the party adopt a platform so openly dismissive of those forced onto the down escalator of life by hard times? Or field candidates that turned their backs on Americans mired in poverty … retired and living on Social Security … or married with children?

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Machinists organize an on-line union of the unemployed

by Jake Blumgart

In mid-January, the International Association of Machinists (IAM) announced a new initiative—a union for the unemployed. Below is an excerpt of the press release I was forwarded:

Friday, January 15, 2010, marks the start of a movement.

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers will launch Ur Union of Unemployed — or UCubed as we’ve nicknamed it — an online community that aims to unify the unemployed in a unique and useful way.

Ur Union of Unemployed will organize the unemployed into community activist groups known as cubes.They will have at their fingertips a number of employment resources. And, together they will turn up the heat on politicians from the State House to the White House to act swiftly to address this current jobs crisis.

See, there’s strength in numbers. And 31 million unemployed Americans is a pretty big number. Each cube will be organized by zip code. Six activists combine to make a cube. Nine cubes create a neighborhood. Three neighborhoods create a block. Multiply that again and again, and you’ve got a powerful community that can effect real change — one that politicians can’t ignore.

On January 15, 2010, visit UCubed at www.unionofunemployed.com and watch as the nation’s unemployed take back control.

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