Students Speak Out this Week in Support of the Employee Free Choice Act

by the Student Labor Action Project
with additional reporting by Adam Wright

slwoa2009The broad coalition of workers, community, faith groups, notable economists, and legislators supporting the Employee Free Choice Act has gained another vocal and energized member: the student movement. Big business is spending millions on its campaign of misinformation on the Employee Free Choice Act and is hailing the bill’s death in the Senate.

Unfortunately for these anti-worker interests, the fight for a level playing field between CEOs and workers, freedom of association in the workplace, and an economy that works for everyone is just heating up-and students are now leading the charge!

During this year’s 10th National Student Labor Week of Action hosted by the Student Labor Action Project , cries for “Free Choice Now” are being heard on college campuses across the country. As student workers and soon-to-be members of the workforce, students are demanding labor law reform as part of their effort to “Resist and Reclaim” the future. Faced with ballooning student-loan debt, increasing unemployment, and the prospect of higher health care costs and squeezed entitlement programs, today’s youth-more than any other generation-are recognizing the need to rebuild the middle class and restore opportunity and a sense of fairness to the economy. These students are pointing to the Employee Free Choice Act as a key to this brighter future. Continue reading


Labor Film Festival, Worker Support Key WSU Student Labor Week of Action

by Stuart Elliott

Wichita YDS President Axel Chacon at an Renegotiate NAFTA rally.

Wichita YDS President Axel Chacon

The Young Democratic Socialists chapter at Wichita State University is planning an array of exciting events for the 2009 Student Labor Week of Action. In 2008, WSU students participated in the national campaign organized by Jobs with Justice for the first time.  This year, Campus Progress and other campus groups are joining the YDS in a greatly expanded week  of action.

Students will be asked to sign a “support workers rights,” banner, to take the “tomato challenge” to learn what Florida farm workers encounter, and experience the “Student Debt Machine.” Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Federation Director Jake Lowen will be the featured speaker at a forum on April 2.

New this year is a labor film festival. From Monday, March 30 through Friday April 3, the WSU Student Labor Action Week will feature documentaries about the labor movement. A different labor-themed film will be shown at noon each day in the Rhatigan Student Center.

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10th Annual National Student Labor Week of Action

by Student Labor Action Project

Resist and Reclaim our Future!

We are living in a historic moment; that is what everyone around us keeps saying. But this moment’s role in history is defined by what we do within it. Many of us participated in the recent election for change but are now faced with the reality that we need further action. Budget cuts in our universities, home loss and unemployment in our families and lack of good jobs for our future after college all threaten our quality of life.
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Young Democratic Socialists and the Student Labor Week of Action

David Duhalde

Labor movement solidarity remains at the forefront of Young Democratic Socialists’ (YDS) work. As a socialist organization, we believe organized working people play a central role in movements for progressive change. YDS, however, does not limit our activism solely to trade unionism. For the past two years, as part of our annual Activist Agenda, we’ve promoted our National Immigrant Rights Project (NIRP). In 2008, we connected the NIRP to the ninth annual Student Labor Week of Action held from March 28th to April 4th.
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Connecting Capitalism & Immigration: Student Labor Week of Action 2008

David Duhalde
YDS National Organizer
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yds youth organizer talks with students I gave several talks about the connection between capitalism and immigration as part of the Student Labor Week of Action. My second stop, after Butler University, was at Wooster College, where I am currently sitting in a college house scribbling through this entry. Both talks were sponsored by the campus Young Democratic Socialists and Latino students clubs. For many students, it was their first introduction to immigration’s push and pull factors that are caused by capitalism (esp. “free” trade agreements and World Bank/International Monetary Fund policies) and what it means to be an ally for many non-immigrant activists. Continue reading