Videos: Mike Elk on labor, politics, ALEC, and Koch Industries

In These Times staff writer Mike Elk spoke to a meeting of the Wichita Sate University Student Labor Project and Young Democratic Socialists on February 16, 2012.  Two days later, he spoke to an Occupy KochTown conference, organized by regional Sierra Club and occupy groups.  Elk is a prolific reporter who has broken many important stories–a frequent contributor to Talking Union. We think both videos may be of interest to Talking Union readers.

See the KochTown video after the break.

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Jobs with Justice Converges

Network to Discuss Innovative Strategies to Broaden & Strengthen the Rights of Working People

Hundreds of people will attend the Jobs with Justice National Conference August 5-7th in Washington, DC. The convening will explore new approaches to expanding the right to organize for low-wage and immigrant workers, and millions of other workers who are currently excluded from existing labor protections through new formations like the Excluded Workers Congress, and new strategies like the Caring Across Generations campaign, the POWER Act and more coordinated trans-national approaches.  Walmart Associates will share their approach in building the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart), a rights-based group launched less than 2 months ago in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Others will explore strategies to build a new economy that ensures both economic and ecological resilience, and geared towards exploring what a new global, national, and local economy looks like—including the fight for good jobs, organizing the unemployed and anxiously employed, organizing for climate justice, making Wall Street pay for the crisis they created, and re-building local economies.

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Student Labor Action Project: Amazing Months of Organizing

by Chris Hicks

Student Labor Action ProjectApril and May have been amazing months of organizing! From coast-to-coast, students have not been taking attacks on students and workers laying down; rather,  activists with the Student Labor Action Project have been standing up and asking legislators “Where’s the Funding?!” Here’s just a quick snapshot of the amazing work happening on campuses nationwide:

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A movement that cannot be stopped!

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’m excited to tell you that yesterday over 1,000 actions took place not only around the country but around the world in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his assassination 43 years ago. We were able to talk about his role in the Memphis sanitation workers’ strike and unionization campaign and how he viewed unions as a path way to a true democracy. It was with this thought, honor, and respect that we fought to keep progressing the struggle for social and economic justice moving forward yesterday. SLAP, Jobs with Justice and United States Student Association took part in over 50 of the actions yesterday, ranging from rallies to teach-ins held on campuses.

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Students and Workers call for action March 2nd!

by Chris Hicks

This week United States Student Association and Jobs with Justice were excited to announce SLAP’s national Day of Action on March 2nd as a part of the Where’s the Funding? campaign.

Across the country students and workers are uniting in the fight against attacks to the public sector as conservative politicians push corporate agendas. Now is the time to step up and bring the student and labor movements closer together than we ever have as both are being targeted – sign up here to tell us what you’re doing on March 2nd.

As we fight back, what’s happening in Wisconsin has helped energize student labor solidarity nationally. Students, community, faith and unions have come under the same banner of social and economic justice and stood against the attacks on workers’ rights. “We are united in solidarity with our professors and teaching assistants, we fight for their rights. This is only the beginning for students, we will protect our education and Wisconsin’s education system,” commented Jolie Lizotte, United Council Board Member and UW-Madison undergraduate student. United Council of UW Students is an organization representing over 140,000 students on 20 campuses across the UW System and is the oldest USSA State-wide Student Association. Student Labor Action Project and United States Student Association have actively been supporting the student organizing happening in the state.

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Tomorrow, National Day of Action to Defend Higher Education

Student Labor Action Project

Tomorrow, Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) activists will participate in a national day of action to beat back state budget cuts to higher education.  The October 7 Day of Action to Defend Higher Education is a follow up to walk-outs last March.  Students will join with teachers and other public sector workers to demand state legislators stop cutting funds to public higher education.

List of SLAP actions.
List of all actions.
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