Morgan Chase Goes Medieval

Bankster USA

For his annual shareholders meeting, Jamie Dimon head of JP Morgan Chase, fled New York for his frontier stronghold – a corporate office in Ohio conveniently surrounded by a moat. Confronted with protesters seeking mortgage modifications inside the shareholders meeting, Dimon promised them assistance. Outside the meeting, his palace guard was not amused as the serfs stormed the castle.

A jolly band of men (and women) quickly built a wooden, pontoon bridge across the moat and ferried dozens of pranksters in green vestments over the dark water. They were greeted by Sherriff deputies and police dogs who shouted that they were under arrest. Fortunately, no holes were left in any green tights.

“It was unbelievable. They were in a fortress surrounded by police. They have a moat. They have completely separated themselves from their country, the American people and the reality of our lives,” said Liz Ryan Murray of the housing group National People’s Action (NPA).

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