Turning up the heat on Paul Ryan

by Andrew Cole

Paul Ryan's constituents wait in his Kenosha, Wis., office to meet with the congressman (Photo by Heather Kleinberg)

Shanon Molina wants answers. “I’m tired of struggling to support my family,” she says. “I’m tired of not having a decent job that provides benefits, and I’m tired of being ignored by my congressman.”

Shanon requested a meeting with her congressman, Rep. Paul Ryan, who represents a district in Southeastern Wisconsin, to voice her concerns alongside several other unemployed and underemployed constituents. Ryan is chairman of the House Budget Committee and the chief architect of the new Republican majority’s right-wing proposals on economic policy.

After repeatedly being denied a face-to-face meeting with her representative, Shanon and six others–now known as the Ryan Seven–sat down in his office to wait. And they won’t leave until they speak with Ryan personally.

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