Boston to Wisconsin to Sacramento!

by David Duhalde and David Knuttenen

In Boston on Tuesday 22 February, DSAers joined over a thousand union members and supporters demonstrating outside the statehouse in solidarity with Wisconsin workers.

Wisconsin has been in the forefront of our minds, as tens of thousands of people have poured into the streets to resist the Republican governor’s attempt to effectively eliminate all collective bargaining rights for public employees.

The energetic and enthusiastic Boston rally was attended by a healthy mixture of public and private sector union members.  Continue reading

A Progressive Tax for California

by Carl Finamore

Carl Finamore

Carl Finamore

Oregon voters took a huge step on January 26 to stem the $727 million state budget shortfall that would have otherwise led to massive reductions in social services and education. This was a huge about face for voters who previously the last several years rejected two proposed tax increases. In fact, taxes have not been raised in the state since the 1930s. It is also one of only five states without a sales tax.

So, it is not without reason that Oregon is often labeled as an anti-tax state.

This time, however, voters reversed gears and approved tax hikes for those making over $250,000 a year, three percent of the population; raised the minimum corporate tax from its current $10 minimum which has been in effect since 1931, and raised taxes on high-end corporate profits.

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