Privatize The Post Office? That What Pitney Bowes Is Paying Lawmakers To Push

By Bill Brickley

pitney-213x150Pitney Bowes seems  to be promoting a reckless and astoundingly flawed plan to privatize every part of the Postal Service except mail delivery.   This reckless plan was brought up years ago by the Libertarian Cato Institute but was quickly dismissed.  Yet the idea has been reintroduced recently. Why would this plan be suddenly creating interest in DC at this time?  It’s simple follow the money.

Under this plan, financed by Pitney Bowes, the entire Postal Service would become a series of private companies that would process and transport the mail to your US Postal Service Letter Carrier who would deliver it. The rational of this misguided plan is that they can eliminate hundreds of thousands of good union middle class jobs and replace them with low wage and benefit challenged employees . Then disguise it by still having your trusted Letter Carrier still bring it to your door.

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The U.S. Postal Service is essential to our democracy and our economy

by Bob Simpson
George Washington stamp

The free exchange of ideas is critical to representative government and was one of the reasons why the US Postal Service(USPS) was created. At its founding the Postal Service had a deliberate policy of subsidizing the mailing of newspapers and other periodicals, precisely to encourage the communication of ideas. The importance of this was understood by President George Washington who signed the bill authorizing the US Postal Service in 1792. The idea of a postal service is enshrined in the US Constitution.
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The Real Story About the USPS

by Bill Brickley

NH letter carriers (NALC) at a Save Our Postal Service rally.

The corporate owned media is blindly mouthing the GOP version of the situation with the US Postal Service. Their fairy tale states that the USPS is losing serious money because of declining mail volume due to the Internet – competition from Federal Express and UPS and those ineffective union workers. Since our electorate spends minimal time researching anything of substance they buy this fairy tale as fact.

Let me tell the real story. The USPS is currently in a financial crisis – no dispute on that. It has in fact been caused by a 2006 poison pill put in a postal reform bill by the Bush administration that required the USPS topre fund their future retiree health care costs for the next 75 years in the next 10 years. That is $5.5 billion a year. No other federal agency does this as well as few private companies. Especially during an economic slowdown we are experiencing. Take away this onerous pefunding and the Postal Service has actually made a 7 million dollar profit over the last 6 years despite the effects from the economic meltdown.
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