Boeing Blackmails Washington Workforce on 777X Production

In 2008 Boeing Machinists struck against outsourcing and concessions. It was the last time the union bargained a pact that wasn’t a mid-contract extension made under threat of shipping away jobs. Photo: Jim Levitt.

Thirty-one thousand Machinists in Washington state were stunned to learn last week that their union had been talking with Boeing for at least two months about opening their contract for concessions to ensure that the next generation 777X plane would be built in Washington.

The contract doesn’t expire until 2016, but the company is threatening to move production of the huge new 777X out of Washington to avoid the union.
The company’s proposal was not made public until last Wednesday. Union members were then told they would vote on Wednesday, November 13.

A website sprang up urging members to “vote no to corporate blackmail” and questioning how the proposed contract would guarantee that the work stayed in Washington. Sponsors planned a rally today. Continue reading