Labor History in the Schools

Labor History in Schools Bill Becomes Law!
Calls for labor history to be state standard in Wisconsin

Governor Jim Doyle made it official Thursday, Dec. 10: He signed into law AB 172, the Wisconsin Labor History in the Schools bill, culminating 12 years of efforts by key legislators, workers, unions and others to pass legislation to assure the teaching of labor history and collective bargaining.

“Once again Wisconsin leads the way in progressive labor legislation,” commented Steve Cupery, president of the Wisconsin Labor History Society. “As far as we can tell, Wisconsin is the first state to have enacted such a law. We expect others will follow our example.”

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Splits in the Labor Movement, Then and Now: C.I.O. – Change to Win

Rough economic times, changing demographics, the reinvention of work and workplaces, conflicting models for moving forward – both in the 1930s and the 2000s one result has been to split the labor movement.

AFL vs. CIO — AFL-CIO vs. Change to Win, how far do the parallels hold up?
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