Chattanooga VW Workers Vote for a Union: UAW

VWCHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Skilled trades employees at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant have voted overwhelmingly to designate UAW Local 42 as their representative for the purpose of initiating collective bargaining.

In a two-day election on Thursday and Friday, 152 skilled trades employees cast ballots. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which supervised the election, confirmed that 71% of employees voting favored recognition for Local 42. Federal law provides for units within a workforce to seek recognition for the purpose of achieving collective bargaining.

“A key objective for our local union always has been moving toward collective bargaining for the purpose of reaching a multi-year contract between Volkswagen and employees in Chattanooga,” said Mike Cantrell, president of Local 42. “We have said from the beginning of Local 42 that there are multiple paths to reach collective bargaining. We believe these paths will give all of us a voice at Volkswagen in due time.” Continue reading

The Obama Recovery Plan: Save Us from Those Who Would Save Us

By Carl Finamore

carl_finamoreWe know billions of dollars are going to AIG, banks and auto companies to stabilize basic institutions of the capitalist economy. We know other billions are going to state and local governments to fund programs designed to employ some 4 million workers.

But establishment commentators fail to note that not one penny is actually being spent on increasing the standard of living of American workers.

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