Big Organizing Challenge Remains After Temporary Truce at Verizon

Verizon picket line in Oakland

The striking unions at Verizon made it clear from the beginning that they might return to work without a settlement if they were convinced management would get serious at the bargaining table.But the 45,000 union members returning to work on Tuesday after a two-week strike would do well to remember the words of Verizon’s Marc Reed when picket lines were taken down Saturday. Said Reed: “We remain committed to our objectives.”
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A Labor Day Reminder of CREDO’s Own Credibility Gap

Several mobile phones
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By Steve Early and Rand Wilson

The mad scramble among cell phone companies for increased market share has already created much consumer confusion about the merits of various “calling plans.” Now, thanks to a re-seller of mobile phone minutes called CREDO Mobile, the politics of which provider to choose has gotten muddled as well, for supporters of progressive causes.

CREDO markets itself as the cellular company with a conscience. Sign up today, say CREDO ads in publications like The Nation, so you can “support the values you believe in.” Every call you make generates a small part of the millions of dollars the company gives to Wellstone Action, Human Rights Watch, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and Greenpeace. CREDO is “more than a network,” it’s “a movement.”

In West Virginia this weekend — to its credit — the company has been leading the PR charge against a cleverly packaged “Friends of America Rally” down in Logan County. It’s a Labor Day fest for the right, featuring appearances by Sean Hannity and over-the-hill metalhead Ted Nugent, plus a speech against global warming by one of its leading deniers, Lord Christopher Moncton.
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