Congressional Progressive Caucus Unveils the Rebuild the American Dream Framework

Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) Co-Chairs Reps. Raúl M. Grijalva and Keith Ellison were joined by colleagues Jan Schakowsky, Lynn Woolsey, John Conyers, Charlie Rangel, Jim McDermott and Barbara Lee on September 13  to introduce the Rebuild the American Dream Framework and emergency jobs legislation. Video highlights of the tour are captured in this video.

The Framework is the result of the Speak Out for Good Jobs Now! Rebuild the American Dream tour, which many CPC members joined for events around the country throughout the summer. Thousands of Americans participated in the listening tour and had a chance to tell their stories. Caucus members collected these stories and brought them back to Washington in September, where they synthesized them into the Rebuild the American Dream Framework.

The Framework outlines six areas of focus for immediate and long term job creation: Make it in America Again, Rebuild America, Lead the Green Industrial Revolution, Jobs for the Next Generation, Not Just Jobs – Good Jobs, and Fair Taxes – Shared Sacrifice.

“The Congressional Progressive Caucus has been bird-dogging this issue all year, so we’re glad to see the conversation has finally turned to what the middle-class has been clamoring for—good-paying jobs that support a family,” Rep. Ellison said.

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Grijalva: I will not support it

When a crisis faces our nation, and decisions have to be made, we look to our elected officials to provide the guidance and direction that will help us persevere.  In the face of this manufactured debt ceiling crisis, many Members of Congress have failed to lead and are willing to substantially weaken many of the programs that make our nation great.

I will not support the emerging debt deal.

I will have no part of a deal that cuts Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to appease the farthest reaches of the right wing of the Republican Party.  It is unconscionable to put these programs on the chopping block and ignore the voices and beliefs of the millions of Americans who trust us to lead while continuing to give handouts to the ultra wealthy and the largest corporations.  There is no human decency in that.

Rather than fly the standard of the working Americans who voted them into office, some Members of Congress are content to raise the white flag and call it “bipartisanship” or a “grand bargain”.  Many elected officials yearn to be leaders, but this debt deal shows that too many of them settle for being politicians. Continue reading

60-plus House members won’t support health bill without public plan

by Stuart Elliott

“Sixty plus” House members will not support a health care bill that does not include a strong public option Representative Keith Ellison, Congressional Progressive Caucus vice co-chair, said  during a media call today.

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz. (Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair) and Rep. Keith Ellison, DFL-Minn. joined  health care expert Jacob Hacker and Campaign for America’s Future co-director Roger Hickey on a conference call on Thursday to discuss a new report that details the reasons why growing blocs of House members refuse to support a health care bill without a public insurance option.

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