California Teachers arrested for demanding adequate school funding

Sacramento Teacher arrests

CTA Members Refuse to Leave Capitol and Demand Passage of Tax Extensions to Keep Deeper Cuts Away from Schools, Colleges and Essential Public Services

SACRAMENTO – CTA President David A. Sanchez and 25 other educators took a stand for students this evening by refusing to leave the offices of Senate Republican Leader Bob Dutton and Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway.  The educators were peacefully arrested by the California Highway Patrol following a fourth day of actions in the State Capitol. The following statement can be attributed to CTA President David A. Sanchez:

“Today, I took a stand for the millions of California students who are being robbed of their future. I refused to step aside while California’s public schools and colleges go without the vital resources they need. Our schools and colleges have been cut $20 billion in the past three years, and without action by California lawmakers, will endure another $4.1 in cuts next year. Enough is enough. Our students deserve better and our state can do better.

“The Republican’s proposal from today shows they are clearly out of touch with what California students need, and is built of the same gimmicky principals that have plagued California’s budget process for years. While I’m glad they have issued a press release promising to protect public education funding, I’m insulted that they think their plan will do that. It’s a deliberately misleading and tardy scheme designed to trick voters into thinking it’s a real solution. Just look at the numbers: a $14.5 billion deficit can’t be erased by $2.5 billion in unexpected one-time revenue. Continue reading