The Jobs Crisis will not be Cured with the Same Policies

Washington, DC – On the heels of two months of dismal job growth, a panel of workers, economists and national leaders detailed solutions on how to deal with the jobs crisis at a forum on Monday at the AFL-CIO.  Titled “The Jobs Crisis — Moving to Action: A Dialogue Between Workers and Policymakers,” the forum, moderated by Bob Herbert, drew a sharp contrast between the policies that got our country in this economic crisis and are currently being advocated to get it out, and what is needed in order to spark a real economic recovery.

“The most grievous of all of America’s wounds is its chronic, insidious unemployment,” stated Bob Herbert, Distinguished Fellow at Dēmos and moderator of today’s panel.   “America as we’ve come to know it – a vibrant, prosperous nation with a vast and growing middle class – cannot survive if the current, tragic levels of joblessness and underemployment become the norm.”

“I want to see decent, safe jobs for all Americans. I don’t want a handout. I just want a fighting chance,” said unemployed Working America member Shonda Sheen, from Yellow Springs, Ohio. Continue reading