Trump, Right-Wing Populism, And the Future of Labor

Bill Fletcher jr.


Theses toward the development of left labor strategy


Concept paper:  Theses toward the development of left labor strategyPreface: The following is what used to be termed a “struggle paper,” i.e., a paper presented as an argument for a position. It is not presented as a final position, however. It is, instead, inspired by the content of the February Left Strategies web discussion on the labor movement. This paper does not try to present the ideal tactics or all elements of strategy. It does, however, attempt to identify–for purposes of discussion–issues and concepts for consideration in the development of a full-blown left labor strategy. Feedback is welcomed.

Exciting book exposes myths about unions

by Jamie Sanderson

 Unions made up the backbone in President Obama’s reelection. Millions of phone calls were made, hundreds of thousands of doors were knocked on and about as many handouts were put into fellow union workers’ hands.

However, the GOP kept constantly beating the anti-union drum. It’s no more prevalent than in South Carolina. They continue to spew myths out about unions.

Author Bill Fletcher Jr. does an exceptional job in detailing such myths and excitingly destroys each and every one them. I highly recommend this book for those who want to finally drown out the lies and find out the truth.
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