Labor Campaigns Subject of Atlanta Workshop

by Milt Tambor, Metro Atlanta DSA

At Atlanta DSA’s all-day program, “May Day Summit: Toward an Economic Bill of Rights,” labor workshop panelists reported on key organizing drives taking place in the Atlanta area to about 25 progressive activists from a variety of backgrounds.

Ayketa Iverson, AFL-CIO Organizing Department, outlined the Atlanta Airport Solidarity Committee’s campaign to organize agents, baggage

Bethany Thomas, Ayketa Iverson, Milton Tambor

handlers, clerical workers, flight attendants and transportation security officers. Following the 2008 merger between Northwest and Delta airlines, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) and the Association of Flight Attendants-Communication Workers of America (AFA-CWA) began marshaling their resources to preserve union representation for Northwest employees and extend union benefits to Delta workers. Since one third of the 50,000 potential members in both unions are based at Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport, Atlanta has become the linchpin of the nationwide organizing drive.
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