Working America and AFL-CIO,  Outsourced: Sending Jobs Overseas:
The Cost to America’s Economy and Working Families

A companion piece to Working America’s Job Tracker, a ZIP code–searchable database of jobs exported (as well as Occupational Safety and Health Act violations and other workplace issues).


American Rights at Work, Behind the Anti-Worker Agenda

Everywhere you look, far-right, anti-union special interest groups are attempting to steamroll their way over working families. The same groups that have stonewalled the Employee Free Choice Act. The same groups who opposed raising the minimum wage. The same groups that have turned their backs on working families again and again.

The 2010 midterm elections are nearly upon us already and we have seen an unprecedented surge of activity by shadowy organizations that use hidden donors to undermine the progressive social agenda for which organized labor has always stood.

These organizations are spending tens of millions of dollars to enact an agenda that would set working families back by decades. Contained in this guide are background materials on the following big money extremists who are trying to buy seats in Congress for their far-right allies.


Scott Lilly, Center for American Progress, Beyond Justice: Bush Labor Department Abuses Labor Department Regulatory Authorities

Gordon Lafer, Ph.D.Free and Fair? How Labor Law Fails U.S. Democratic Election Standards American Rights at Work, June 2005

IUF A Workers’ Guide to Private Equity

IUF’s Private Equity Buyout Watch

Trade Union Guide to Globalization


Materials available from the AFL-CIO now include:

3 Responses

  1. Could someone please give me the truckers union website? I’d like to email them. I can’t seem to find it online? Any help would be greatly Appreciated

    Thank you so very much,
    Paulette Sopel

  2. I am apart of the SEIU union an I have been employed with Catholic Health care West, (now Dignity Health) for a little over two years and I just received my layoff letter. My union field rep isn’t helping me at all and I have no idea where to look for information or who to call or ask.

    Is there any advice or information you could give me for this issue I’m going through?
    Dignity Health care West is laying off over 50 employees in total, so this is a big deal. Any information is helpful.

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