Labor and Occupy

Building an effective relationship between the Occupy Movement and the Labor Movement is essential for creating a vibrant progressive social movement in 2012 and beyond. Talking Union is starting a new “Labor and Occupy” page with links to Talking Union blog posts by its editors and bloggers.

We will also be citing or cross-posting the best articles we discover on other blog sites. An excellent example is an Alternet interview of Stephen Lerner by Sarah Jaffe, How We Can Mobilize to be the Greedy 1%s Worst Nightmare .

The process of building relations between Occupy and Labor Movements will not be smooth or without controversies.  The different organizational structures guarantee that there will be frictions and mutual misunderstandings, as in the case of the Occupy the Ports actions on the West Coast. This is not necessarily negative. A broad and genuine social movement like that of the 99% must generate such contradictions.   Talking Union hopes to make a modest contribution to maintaining open lines of communication that will help transcend these tensions.

We list below some 32 previous articles we posted over the last few months on Talking Union show how throughout the country Occupy activists are joining labor and community groups in specific militant actions in support of threatened workers and communities.

Occupy Wall Street’s Next Steps

Occupiers join Teamsters in slamming Sotheby’s lockout

Take Back the Capitol!

Solidarity Divided: Occupy Protesters Shut Down Ports Without Union’s Support

The 99 Percent Takes Office: Lessons From a Rhode Island Special Election

Occupy Wall Street: Phase Two

Talking Turkey with Your Loved Ones: Making Sense of the 99% Movement over the Holidays

Occupy Wall Street: Seattle Redux?

International Unions Support “Occupy” Movement

Nov.17. Find a bridge near you to occupy

Sheet Metal Workers Opposes Eviction of Peaceful Protestors

Raids on Occupy Protesters “Inexcusable,”

Interfaith Worker Advocates Take Action to Support the 99 Percent Nov. 17-20 National Days of Action Planned

Temple YDS Helps Shows Eric Cantor the Door

Occupy Wall Street and America’s Democratic Tradition

It’s hard to hate these occupiers

Labor Joins Occupy Missouri

Nurses Condemn Chicago Mayor Emanuel for Arrest Of Nurses, Medical Volunteers at Occupy Chicago

USW at Occupy Pittsburgh

Let’s Meet the 99 Percent Where They’re at

Senator Bernie Sanders on Occupy Wall Street

Labor and Occupied Wall Street

Labor Occupies Wall Street, But Democrats Go in Reverse

What Role for Labor in the Progressive Uprising? A Conversation With Stephen Lerner

Workers mobilize to demand decent jobs – Action in 60 countries

Nurses Bring Main Street Contract to Occupy Boston

Jewish Labor Committee in Support of Occupy Wall Street

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka On Occupy Wall Street

Communications Workers of America Endorses Occupy Wall Street Movement

Next Up Summit Supports Occupy Wall Street Protests

Right to the City March in Boston–Amazing and Broad-based

Five Things That #OccupyWallStreet Has Done Right

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  1. I am VERY interested in this. I’ve been thinking about Occupy and the Labor movement a lot. My name is Jim Lair Beard. I actually sent a twitter story earlier in the day to you essentially about the privitization of the first amendment. I’ll leave my info below. Thanks.

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