Mike Elk interviewed by Moyers and Company on State of Unions

Moyers and Company interview labor journalist Mike Elk about unions, labor journalism, and other issues. Here is what they say about Elk. At a time when union membership is in decline and labor is being attacked on many fronts, Mike Elk, the labor reporter for the progressive magazine In These Times, is one of the […]

Labor Journalist Mike Elk Files Criminal Charges Against Honeywell and GOP Staffer

 by Mike Elk (June 5) Today, I filed criminal charges for false imprisonment against Honeywell External Communications Director Rob Ferris and simple assault charges against Nicolas D. Muzin, Senior Advisor to Congressman Tim Scott (R-SC).  At first, I was hesitant to press criminal charges because I did not want to seem like a “cry baby”. However after […]

Videos: Mike Elk on labor, politics, ALEC, and Koch Industries

In These Times staff writer Mike Elk spoke to a meeting of the Wichita Sate University Student Labor Project and Young Democratic Socialists on February 16, 2012.  Two days later, he spoke to an Occupy KochTown conference, organized by regional Sierra Club and occupy groups.  Elk is a prolific reporter who has broken many important […]

Pittsburgh Workers Oppose Theft of Wages from Immigrant Roofers

  by Mike Elk O’HARA, PENNSYLVANIA  – Popping out of the luscious greenery along the banks of the Allegheny River emerges the head of a giant 15-foot tall brown rat in a red tank sitting on top of a 4-foot high chunk of cheese. “For us, the rat represents Stapleton Homes,” says Guillermo Perez, president […]

Electoral Wins for Pittsburgh DSA

by Mike Elk PITTSBURGH, PA. – The party inside of the MixTape bar in the historically lefty neighborhood of Garfield was absolutely jubilant. Hipster dance music blared over speakers as young hipster members of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)  embraced long-time neighborhood activists, who had been involved in organizing in the […]

Pro-union rally in Mississippi unites workers with community

by Mike Elk Workers and community members marched in Canton, Mississippi in support of Nissan workers’ right to unionize on Saturday. Photograph: Mike Elk for the Guardian For a mile outside Canton Multipurpose Complex on Saturday, the road was backed up. Many cars sported bumper stickers, pro-Bernie and pro-union. They came in school buses, hot […]

Millennial Sanders Activists Give New Energy to Southern Organizing

by Mike Elk CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE – Khristy Wilkinson, a 34-year-old, tattoo-adorned, stay-at-home mom, doesn’t look like your typical Eastern Tennessee politician. Before this year, she had never even considered running for public office, but says that she was inspired to run by the success of Bernie Sanders. Until recently, Wilkinson was an adjunct philosophy professor teaching […]

The Bernie Sanders Path to Victory in the South: African American Union Leaders

by Mike Elk Southern states like South Carolina, where Hillary Clinton has held as much as a 30-point lead over Bernie Sanders, are thought to be crucial in securing the Democratic nomination for the former secretary of state. These states have large African American populations, among whom Clinton is far more popular than Sanders. But, with […]

Sherwin Alumina Lockout in Second Year

by Mike Elk Ed. note: On October 11,2014, Sherwin Alumina locked out 450 USW Local 235A members at their plant in Gregory, Texas. The lockout came after 235A members overwhelmingly rejected the company’s demands for major cuts in pension and health care benefits for members and retirees, as well as reductions in overtime pay.  The […]

European Journalists Support Organizing American Media Workers

by Paul Garver [ed. note] Mike Elk is leaving Politico, where he was part of a team hired to write for Morning Shift. Mike will focus on organizing media workers. Mike is pictured here with his father Gene Elk, director of organization for the United Electric Workers (UE) Mike Elk is a first rate labor […]