Reject the Republican Repressive Immigration Bills


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Republicans in Congress have rejected a way to fix DACA and protect Dreamers. Now they are forcing a vote on two cruel bills that hold dreamers hostage to the Trump Administration’s deportation machine that separates kids from their families, deports hard working immigrants from the country, eliminates the diversity visa program, restricts family unification and prevents people fleeing violence and death from seeking asylum.

This is not who we are as a country.


When we rip babies from their parents arms, build prison camps for children, raid workplaces and round up anyone who is not white, and threaten the 800,000 DACAmented Dreamers who have only ever known America with deportation we have to step up. This is a moral crisis and people like you and me must stand up to this.

Congress must know that these bills allowing the most inhumane parts of Donald Trump’s immigration policies can not pass. Tell your Representative that they must vote NO on these cruel bills.

When President Trump needlessly ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program—a temporary fix to help individuals who came to this country as young immigrants—it became Congress’ responsibility to solve the problem. At every turn, Congress has failed miserably to come up with a solution that protects Dreamers from deportation. And now, House Republican leadership has blocked a fix that has overwhelming public support and a majority of the members of the House want to vote on.

Congressional Republicans are set to force a vote on two terrible bills. One would hold Dreamers hostage for wall funding at the tune of 25 billion dollars, eliminates the Trafficking Victims Protection Act that protects children from being trafficked and allows extended jail time and faster deportations for children. The other would provide no path to citizenship for Dreamers, end family-based immigration, and would overnight classify the 11 million undocumented immigrants in our country as criminals.

Neither of these are acceptable.

We are better than this and we deserve congressional actions that provide an immediate fair and compassionate solutions for Dreamers. These bills are not that solution. Congress needs to pass the bi-partisan DREAM Act. Click here to urge your Representative to vote no on both bills.

In Solidarity,

Randi Weingarten, President. American Federation of Teachers

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