Support Wendt Ironworkers in Buffalo

by Eric Lee, LabourStart


On June 2017, workers at Wendt Corporation, a scrap metal recycling plant based in Buffalo, New York (USA) successfully fought for respect and dignity by forming a union, joining the Ironworkers Union.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that a year later, the company refuses to negotiate in good faith with the union for the first collective bargaining agreement. And Wendt has also launched an anti-union campaign, harassing union members and threatening to lay-off workers.

The global union federation Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI), to which the Ironworkers are affiliated, has launched a global appeal for solidarity with the workers at Wendt.

We are calling on the company to stop the anti-union campaign and to negotiate with the workers.

Please take a few seconds and send off your message to support these workers:

In the current climate in the US, workers show great courage in taking the decision to organize into a trade union.  Let’s mobilize many thousands of our fellow union members to show those workers in Buffalo that they are not alone.  Share this campaign – spread the word!

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