Comey v. Trump


What We Are Really Seeing When We Look At Comey v. Trump

Gene Grabiner
SUNY Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus (NYSUT, NWU, AFL-CIO)

Anything can be done under color of law, (e.g., segregation, the Holocaust, strike-breaking, ‘pre-emptive wars’ like in Iraq, water boarding and other tortures, police murders etc.), So please let us dispense with the fiction of the neutral “rule of law.”

The dominant characteristics of the rule of law in any society express the power of the dominant social group or class and the prevailing or dominant property relations at the time.

So what we are seeing in Comey v. Trump is the mediated expression of internal struggle within the ruling class, the Comey forces also expressing at the same time the mediated and historically required needs of the working class. (Hegel refers to what is happening as the “cunning of history.”)

In this context, only the Comey forces point the way to a possible human future.

But if the Comey forces prevail, the working class and all other progressive and democratic forces will still need to press their demands.

And since all of this is a basic question of humanity’s survival, American workers must finally decide to oppose war with Russia and China and any other country. Indeed, they must also stop making weapons of war since their continued production and proliferation can only lead to war.

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