Tell ATT: Respect the Workers!

att-west-rallyOur friends at the Communication Workers of America need you. CWA union members have been working closely with DSA on organizing efforts across the country. Now 38,000 CWA folks at AT&T are fighting for their livelihoods. DSA’s Steering Committee endorses their actions, and we want you to know about it. You can help workers right now by emailing AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. And thank you!

In solidarity,  Maria Svart, DSA National Director
CWA member Cindi Chesters:
I may be on strike Friday along with 38,000 of my coworkers at AT&T if we haven’t won a fair union contract by then. I’m a single parent of four and there is a lot on the line for me. My kids are the reason I’m fighting so hard and why I’m ready to do whatever I have to do to make sure they have a good life. We hope to avoid having to strike, but we may have to make that sacrifice to make sure our livelihoods are secure.

Please stand with us. Click here to email AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson now and demand that he settle a union contract that protects good jobs.

I work at an AT&T retail store, but the company wants to keep closing stores and instead send work to third-party dealers where workers make super low-wages and don’t have the union protections we have. Meanwhile, my co-workers at AT&T call centers worry that their jobs will be sent overseas.

CEO Stephenson made $28.4 million last year, while he cut our commissions, which meant I took home less pay than the year before. This fight is about making sure working people can make a decent living in this country. We are up against unaccountable corporations that are working us harder for less in order to pad their bottom line.

As the only income for a family of five, my budget is tight as it is, and the money I may lose if I go on strike isn’t something I take lightly. That’s why I’ve been preparing, saving money, stocking up on groceries, and making a plan.

Please take action and send a message to the CEO that you support workers fighting for their livelihoods.

There is too much on the table for us to sit back and let the company take advantage of us anymore. We want to be treated like human beings.

If we strike, we’re following in the footsteps of our brothers and sisters at Verizon who last year struck for 49 days and won big improvements for themselves, their families, and sent a message that corporate giants can be beat if working people stick together.

Thank you for your support. If we strike, we’ll be back in touch with more information about how you can support us on a picket line near you. Until then, I hope you’ll email CEO Stephenson to make sure he knows his customers and members of the community have our back.

Thank you for listening to my story, Cindi Chesters

Talking Union is forwarding the below message from NYC DSA co-chair Zelig Stern, an organizer with CWA District 1:

“As you probably know, CWA has announced a strike deadline at AT&T Mobility. If management does not concede to our contract demands by 3pm Friday workers in 36 states will walk off the job. This bargaining unit includes 21,000 workers, mostly in retail and call centers with a small group of technicians. It would be the first ever strike at this company and the first large scale strike in the Wireless Telecom industry. It would also be one of, it not the largest retail strikes in American history. While the telecom sector has been a hotbed of labor militancy, from last years Verizon strike to the series of ULP strikes around California, this militancy has, until now, been contained in the landline it is exciting to see it spread to the wireless section. The strike would be only a three day strike, 3pm Friday until close of business and opening to close on Saturday and Sunday. It does not foreclose on the possibility of an open ended strike later if the company does not give in.

I am also excited to say that I believe that DSA can be one of the most valuable allies to the strike. We are already covering over 25 picket lines around the country in less than a days organizing. Our ask of DSA chapters is to commit to 2 hours of picketing each day of the strike. However if your capacity allows you to do more or less, anything is appreciated. We have picket lines all over the country. If you think your chapter can commit to some picketing will you reach out to Zelig Stern, 347 337-1741, to find out where the closest picket is.”

Some background:

– AT&T Mobility Workers Dial It Up by Dan DiMaggio, Labor Notes:
– Toilets Go Mobile at AT&T Mobility by Dan DiMaggio, Labor Notes:
– AT&T Wireless Workers Threaten Strike This Weekend, Fortune:


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