Together at the National People’s Summit

Labor_for_Bernie_banner_2Dear Labor for Bernie supporters and activists,
Now that the primaries are nearly over, Labor for Bernie is supporting the People’s Summit in Chicago, June 17-19. This meeting is being convened by National Nurses United and other organizations supporting Sanders’ political revolution.
Participants at the summit will help develop an agenda to hold our elected officials more accountable to popular demands for justice, equality and freedom.

Labor for Bernie will have a caucus meeting at breakfast on Sunday morning, June 19. Please use this short form let us know if you plan to attend.

The Summit will be an opportunity to sum up the primary experiences, make plans for the upcoming convention and discuss what a movement dedicated to extending the political revolution would look like.

When/Where Details:
The People’s Summit will take place from 6pm on Friday, June 17 to Noon on Sunday June 19 in Chicago Illinois at the McCormick Place Convention Center just south of the Loop.

Register for the People’s Summit by click on this link ( Please register ASAP to assist organizers with food orders etc…

Registration Cost: $100 full / $50 for students & employed.

Check out the website for an overview here of the program. In addition there are the breakout sessions & trainings on Saturday Afternoon.

We hope to see you in Chicago!

In Solidarity,

Rand Wilson
for Labor for Bernie


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