Young Workers

A new video, produced by a collaboration from UCLA’s Department of History and the UCLA Labor Center, combines the experiences of young workers and research to tell the story of young workers in the United States. Titled “I Am A #YOUNGWORKER,” the animated video is a powerful dive into the world of work for young Americans.


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  1. Don’t forget the children! Joelito’s Big Decision/ La gran decisión de Joelito is a timely, timeless beautifully illustrated and translated bi-lingual book about a boy, a burger, friendship and the struggle for a living wage. It’s a great book for sparking lively discussions that help young people “get” what it takes to create a more just and joyful future for everyone. ($10, Hardball Press, ages six and up.)

    For more info, some reviews, and a glimpse of the gorgeous illustrations by prize-winning Latino artist and muralist Daniel Camacho see Facebook page “Joelito’s Big Decision.”

    Would you help us reach parents and teachers who want to spark children’s thinking about the kind of world they want to live in, and the possibilities of organizing to create that world.

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