If We Do Not Vote, The Haters Will Win – Dolores Huerta

by Duane Campbell

Dolores Huerta, who co-founded United Farmworkers with Cesar Chavez and who is an Honorary Chair of Democratic Socialists of America, spoke during a news conference Tuesday morning Nov. 10, before the Republican candidates debate  in Milwaukee  and said it’s “really unfortunate” that GOP leaders are trying to win by attacking innocent people.

Huerta has led movements for organizing union rights and  social justice  since the founding along with Cesar Chavez, Philip Vera Cruz and others  of the United Farm Workers (UFW) union. She continues through her current work in supporting union democracy,  civic engagement and promoting Latino Voter participation.

Organizing Latino voter education and outreach is an important part of defeating Republicans in 2016. And, it is working.poll

Huerta calls Donald Trump the face of the Republican Party, and accuses him of dehumanizing Latinos. With organized work, GOP positions on immigration and union rights may sink Republicans in the 2016 elections.

Huerta says Trump’s primary opponents are no better.

“When we think about people like Rubio and Ted Cruz, even Jeb Bush, who speaks Spanish, they may have a Spanish last name — but they do not have a Latino heart because they don`t care about immigrants. They don`t care about our community,” Huerta said.

These protesters say Latino voters could swing this swing state next fall.

“If we do not vote, the haters will win, and we cannot allow that to happen,” Huerta said.

New polling released by impreMedia and Latino Decisions finds that the GOP’s image among Latino voters has significantly deteriorated since 2012.

The poll of 424 Latino registered voters living in critical battleground states reports that statements by GOP frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson are negatively impacting the overall GOP brand. When asked about comments by Trump, 80 percent of Latino voters said it gives them a less favorable impression of the Republican Party. When asked about Carson’s comments about immigration and using drone’s to bomb smuggling tunnels on the US-Mexico border, 70 percent said it gives them a less favorable impression of the Republican Party.


The Milwaukee protest was organized by Voces de la Frontera Action, and the Fight for $15 campaign.

Dolores also participated in protests prior to the Republican debates in Denver, Colorado in October.




One Response

  1. Someone needs to convey to Ms. Huerta the importance of her endorsement of Bernie Sanders for president. In terms of issues which effect the Latino community, there is no candidate running who is better: http://ontheissues.org/2016/Bernie_Sanders_Immigration.htm

    I would respectfully encourage her to consider the significance of this election at a time when it is essential to build a broad base of diverse working class support for truly progressive policies that both can transform the nation, and alter entrenched power relationships.

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