Labor for Bernie: Conference Call Report

by Larry Cohen and Rand Wilson

Labor for bernie

On September 9th, with key support from the National Nurses Union and the Amalgamated Transit Union (and the support of the Labor for Bernie network), we called 70,000 plus union members.  More than 26,000 stayed on the call to listen to Bernie, union leaders and grassroots organizing reports from Labor for Bernie activists.  Most importantly, 1,350 members volunteered to work on the Sanders campaign.

Many unions have endorsement decisions pending in the next few months.  Some even in September.  Going forward, we need to translate this new energy and infusion of support into increased visibility for Bernie 2016 and broader membership activity.  That is the only way we can win essential union support for the political revolution that Sen. Sanders is leading.

We heard how other union members are doing this work in their unions and their communities.  Now, more of us have to step up and lead.  Urge your co-workers and union brothers and sisters to sign up at  Be sure to send reports about your organizing to

Stay strong, stay united, and keep feeling the Bern! 

In solidarity,
Larry Cohen and Rand Wilson (for Labor for Bernie)

Ed. note: For a more detailed report on the Labor for Bernie conference call, read the excellent In These Times account by Mario Vasquez.


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