National Nurses Union Endorses Sanders

As the Executive Director of National Nurses United, the largest nurses union in our nation, I was there when we proudly endorsed Bernie Sanders for President.

In the moments leading up to our endorsement, I watched our nurses’ outpouring of love and respect for Bernie.


Bernie and NNU members

It was a magical moment of genuine hope for nurses who see people when they are at their most vulnerable and suffering, and who care for every person’s life in our country.

Nurses see the terrible social health consequences from:

Choosing between putting food on the table and getting the medications and treatment you need
Job loss
Severe depression from debt, especially student loan debt
Pollution, toxic spills, and climate change
Malnutrition and income inequality
With Bernie Sanders, we can turn our country around, and restore genuine hope for our families.

Each of us must be a part of his campaign. That’s how he wins, how we win, and how our country and our patients win.

I promise you that the nurses will be there for you when you need them. And now, Bernie needs all of us and we all need to be there for him.

Sign up to let the campaign know if you’re a union member so we can connect you on labor-specific events and issues throughout the campaign. I hope all union members will support Bernie in their unions and in their community.

In Unity,

RoseAnn DeMoro
Executive Director
National Nurses United


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