Support the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong

by Paul Garver

Umbrella Movement

The Umbrella Movement in support of democracy and against growing inequality in Hong Kong persists despite savage attacks on peaceful protesters by thugs that are condoned or even in some cases organized by the police.

Responding with force to this extreme provocation, which includes right-wing thugs groping the female demonstrators, might provide a pretext for the Hong Kong government to violently crack down on the demonstrations. The protesters, mainly university and high school students supported by independent labor unions, civic groups and ordinary citizens of Hong Kong, have been able to maintain a steadfast nonviolent discipline, as illustrated in this photo from Causeway Bay.
Causeway Bay

After consultation between Hong Kong activists and some of their supporters, a consensus was reached on some measures that could be taken to support the Umbrella Movement. These are summarized in an excellent article in Labor Notes by Alexandra Bradbury at

Ways to Support the Hong Kong Democracy Movement

Join or organize a local rally or vigil. A number of international actions have targeted Chinese consulate offices, though key organizers inside Hong Kong have clearly decided to focus their pressure on the Hong Kong government rather than on Beijing. Another possible target: the local Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office.

Hold a teach-in or speak-out on your campus or at your organization. Some are also distributing yellow ribbons to show solidarity.

Get your union or organization to send a statement of solidarity. Unions around the world, including Canada’s national union federation, have issued statements of support for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka also made a statement.

Sign support petitions, either the one sponsored by HKCTU at
or the other by the IUF at

Follow the latest developments and appeals via the Facebook group:


4 Responses

  1. I admire the Hongkong people’s courage and pray they will win. But the regime they are fighting is powerful for now. We must fight smartly. I have an idea, to continue the umbrella movement but not jeopardize these brave young people’s precious lives. Can we plead to the Hong Kong citizens to use an umbrella whenever he is outdoor, whether on his way to work or shopping, anytime he is outside? It is not a big inconvenience at all. And I am sure the Hong Kong streets will be showered with these beautiful umbrellas. And there is no way the communist government can bar the use of umbrella. Please, please if you like it, spread this idea!

    BTW, I would love to see when on rainy days, anybody that’s anti freedom/democracy would not dare to open an umbrella!

  2. Reblogged this on Don Sutherland's Blog and commented:
    This is as good a summary of events in Hong Kong from a worker’s point of view. it icludes one of the recent statements of solidarity with the protestors from the Hong Kong Confederation of Free Trade Unions.

  3. This just looks like another “Occupy” to me (which accomplished nothing) I can see that, sadly, this is another US “party” that is compromised and much more “democrat” than “socialist”

    China is certainly not “Socialist”–but the “one man one vote” crap?? Really?? Cause its worked out so well for us….right?

  4. I would have liked this statement a lot more if it had condemned the aggressive posture of the US “pivot to asia” as counter to the ideals that DSA espouses on behalf of the democracy movement in Hong Kong. The US must follow a policy of peaceful engagement and renounce military force in order to promote democracy around the world. In this circumstance, failing to note our mother country’s aggressive posture toward the country whose internal democracy movement we are supporting, is a concession to imperialism.

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