Support Democratic Left with a Labor Day ad

Labor Day may seem far away when summer just officially started last week.  But it’s not too soon for you to send greetings in the Labor Day issue of Democratic Left.

You can show your support for DSA’s major publication. This is the magazine you put on every DSA table at every event. This is the magazine that introduces new members to the organization. This is the magazine that Michael Harrington founded as an alternative to narrow ideological cant.

You can support it by taking greetings, pooling money with friends and comrades to celebrate an action, to honor people who have made a difference in your life, to publicize a special event or another organization.

MikeRosebook.jpgAnd if you act now by supporting Democratic Left at the “cadre” level or above, we’ll send you Mike Rose’s The Mind at Work: Valuing the Intelligence of the American Worker, Tenth Anniversary Edition.

Through perceptive interviews and acute observation, Mike Rose debunks the myth that those who do manual labor are any less intelligent than those who do intellectual work. It may not be your usual summer beach reading, but you’ll be glad to have it.

Whether you send standard greetings or take a “cadre” listing or a regular ad, your contribution will keep Democratic Left strong. All of us who work on the magazine volunteer our time, but printing and postage take money.

Please click here and show your support for DSA and for Democratic Left!



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