‘Right to Work’ Agenda Defeated in Missouri

Bipartisan opposition leads to defeat of unnecessary and divisive national agenda of “Right to Work” and Paycheck deception legislation in 2014 Session

Time wasted on pointless attacks would be better spent on creating jobs and improving outcomes for Missourians.

RTWiswrongJEFFERSON CITY – As the closing bell rings on the 2014 Session, Missourians can be relieved that commonsense bipartisanship prevented two major attacks on Missouri workers from moving forward. “Right to Work” and paycheck deception bills were priorities of Missouri extremists and a small group of Washington D.C. lobbyists. Members of the We Are Missouri Coalition had this to say about the end of session:

“It is easy to be cynical about politics, but the true bipartisan effort that defeated “right to work” and paycheck deception this year is something Missourians can take to heart, said Mike Louis, Missouri AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer. “Members of both parties were willing to stand up to well-funded national groups pushing these unfair and pointless legislative attacks. Equally inspiring, thousands of working Missourians got involved and their handwritten letters, phone calls, emails and visits to Jefferson City had a big impact on their elected officials. Let’s hope that looking ahead, even more of our elected leaders are willing to stand up to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) agenda and listen to the people who live and work here in the Show Me State.”

“Every legislative session is an opportunity for our elected officials to make our state better for the people who sent them to Jefferson City. Raising the minimum wage, passing real early voting and expanding Medicaid would have made concrete improvements to the lives of Missourians,” said Lara Granich, Director of Missouri Jobs with Justice. “Instead, far too much time and energy was spent on bills that never should have been pushed in the first place. ‘Right to work’ and paycheck deception bills are all about a national agenda. While it is good news that both are dead for the moment, the time wasted on pointless attacks on working people comes at a high cost.”

John White, Developmental Assistant II for the State of Missouri in Sikeston, had some advice for next session. “It is time for politicians in Jefferson City to start working on job creation instead of making it more difficult for me to do my job. I don’t need extremist legislators to get in the way of my voluntary contributions to my union. These extremist proposals would do nothing but impede my rights as a worker.”

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