Walmart workers strike in Maryland, Minnesota, and more ahead of Black Friday

by Laura Clawson

Striking Walmart workers in Maryland, 11/26/2013.

The number of Walmart workers striking on Black Friday will be small compared with the number of allies who come out to support them at an expected 1,500 protests across the country. But workers are making themselves heard ahead of the big day with small strikes across the country this week, making sure that Walmart’s PR department can’t pretend they don’t exist.Tuesday, workers in Columbia and Laurel, Maryland, bringing letters to managers calling for $25,000 a year wages and an end to retaliation against activists. Tuesday’s actions continued a string of strikes: Workers in a Miami and Minnesota Walmart walked off the job Monday, the Minnesota workers joined by Rep. Keith Ellison. Those followed strikes in Tampa, Florida, and Sacramento, California, in the previous days.

The continuing worker activism gains added momentum from recent stories detailing just how badly Walmart does by its workers, like asking workers to donate food to other Walmart workers or the news that the chain could give workers a big raise without raising prices. <a name=”laura”

Laura Clawson writes for Daily Kos Labor where this post first appeared

One Response

  1. I am from vancouver,canada and i supports the Walmart workers in the USA who are fighting for union rights,better working conditions and higher wages. This is an important fight in the usa and for Walmart Workers here in canada.Without a union these workers are like slaves.Only with a union can these workers make some gains in their fight.
    Labour and capital got nothing in common. Workers always had to fight for their rights.All people and unions in the USA should support these workers.

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