National Day of Action for Immigration Reform, Road Map to Citizenship Set for Oct. 5

Take the pledge to hit the streets Oct. 5:

This Saturday, Oct. 5, a broad and diverse coalition of immigrant, faith, labor, civil rights and family groups will march and rally in more than 80 actions across the nation and call on Congress to pass immigration reform with a road map to citizenship that promotes family unity and protects workers’ rights.

Take the pledge to hit the streets Oct. 5

In addition, the National Day of Dignity and Respect will call for an end to the destruction of immigrant families through deportations and an erosion of workers’ rights. In a statement, the group says:

We are marching for an America where our hard work is honored; where our many contributions to the nation are respected and where our families and children can dream of building lives of dignity and without fear. We cannot let the continued failures of Washington result in more families torn apart, more abusive employers and poverty wages, more children who cannot dream.

At the recent AFL-CIO 2013 Convention, delegates approved a resolution that recommits the union movement to its ongoing support for and leadership in creating an immigration system that protects U.S. workers, reduces the exploitation of immigrant workers, reduces employers’ incentives to hire undocumented workers, keeps families together, creates a road map to citizenship for aspiring Americans and contributes to shared prosperity for all.

Click here to find an Oct. 5 event near you .

Along with the Oct. 5 actions, immigration reform advocates will hold a “Camino Americano: Rally and Concert for Immigrant Dignity and Respect” on Oct. 8 at the National Mall.  Find out more here .

Mike Hall writes for the AFL-CIO Now blog where this first appeared.


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  1. What you gonna do when the current crop of Illegal Aliens lose their jobs to the next incoming tide of Illegal Aliens?

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