Solidarity 101

by Clayton Sinyai
The editors of America magazine, the distinguished century-old Catholic weekly covering religion, culture, and current events, have taken a stand in support of adjunct faculty seeking union membership. Though some Catholic universities are seeking an exemption from NLRB jurisdiction on the basis of freedom of religion, Catholic social teaching, as expressed in Papal encyclicals since 1891, has quite explicitly endorsed the right of workers to organize in trade unions. America, published by Jesuits in the United States, urged Duquesne University and other Catholic colleges to honor Catholic social teaching and follow the example of Georgetown University by entering collective bargaining where adjuncts have expressed a wish to do so. Visit Solidarity 101 to read the editorial.

Clayton Sinyai is a trade union activist and the author of Schools of Democracy: A Political History of the American Labor Movement (Cornell, 2006). He is a member of the Catholic Labor Network, the American affiliate of the World Movement of Christian Workers.


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