Josh Eidelson’s AFL-CIO Convention Preview

Josh Eidelson

Josh Eidelson

Josh Eidelson has an extremely important and well-informed article up on the Nation previewing the AFL-CIO convention .  He writes

[Sunday] the AFL-CIO will kick off its quadrennial convention, a four-day Los Angeles gathering intended to shape the course of the country’s largest labor federation for the next four years. The convention follows months of meetings by pre-convention committees of labor leaders, allies and academics, and dozens of listening sessions across the country, all aimed at seeking solutions to organized labor’s widely acknowledged crisis. Delegates from the AFL-CIO’s fifty-seven affiliated unions will hear from labor and liberal leaders (including Senator Elizabeth Warren and US Secretary of Labor Tom Perez), elect top officers to lead the federation (current President Richard Trumka and his slate are expected to win uncontested) and vote on resolutions and constitutional amendments regarding the federation’s programs and priorities.

I’ll be covering the convention from LA over the next four days. Here—based on conversations with a dozen insiders and outsiders—are a few key themes to watch.

It’s a must read. so read the whole thing.

Eidelsohn will be reporting on the convention on his Nation blog. Talking Union will have a number of reports from a variety of viewpoints as we continue our coverage of the 2013 AFL-CIO convvention.


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