Fast food strikes go nationwide on Aug. 29

by Laura Clawson

Fast food strikes are, as promised, set to expand dramatically, with a call for a nationwide one-day fast food strike on Aug. 29. While the groundwork has been laid for the strikes thus far—in cities like New York, Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis—by serious organizing ahead of time, the call for a national strike clearly aims to spur workers in other places to self-organize, with an online toolkit and invitation to contact organizers.

But Aug. 29 also promises to spread the strike to new cities in an organized way; there’s organizing going on in Atlanta, for instance, and perhaps in other cities that won’t go fully public until the day of the strike arrives. So until the day comes, we won’t know how big Aug. 29 will be. But we know it’s part of a building wave, and a wave that needs to keep building if these workers are to have any chance of the living wage, safe and respectful working conditions, and right to organize without intimidation or retaliation that they deserve.

Laura Clawson writes on labor and other issues at Daily Kos, where this post first appeared.


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