Looking Forward: New Directions and Strategies for Labor

Elaine Bernard DSA Vice-Chair

Elaine Bernard
DSA Vice-Chair

During its 2013 annual conference in New York City, the Labor and Working Class History Association is hosting two important public forums.  On Saturday, the closing plenary will focus on “New Directions and Strategies for Labor.”

Looking Forward: New Directions and Strategies for Labor
Saturday, June 8, 4:30pm-6:30pm
Location: The Great Hall, Cooper Union

  • Opening Remarks John Wilhelm Past President, UNITE-HERE
  • Chair Ruth Milkman CUNY Graduate Center and Murphy Institute for Worker Education
  • Ed Ott Past President, New York Central Labor Council
  • Jaribu Hill Executive Director, Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights
  • Erik Forman Jimmy John’s Workers Union, Industrial Workers of the World
  • Linda Burnham Research Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance
  • Closing Remarks Elaine Bernard Executive Director, Labor and Worklife Program, Harvard Law School

The LAWCHA closing plenary will examine the recent past and future prospects for labor and the working class. Speakers will examine and reflect on the decline of organized labor since the 1960s and offer new directions for the labor movement. They include labor leaders, activists, and academics, who will shed light on recent initiatives to rebuild a vibrant workers’ movement at the grassroots through community-labor organizations, traditional trade unions, and new forms of worker organization, drawing on organizing tactics and forms of collective action in which immigrants, people of color, and women workers have played central roles. These efforts will take note of the challenges and opportunities that new movements face in the rapidly changing global neoliberal economic system.

On June 6, there is a public program focused on strategies to respond to attacks on unions and the public sector.


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