Victims of the Tazreen Factory Fire in Bangladesh Continue to Suffer

by Paul Garver

The factory caught fire about 6 p.m. After the fire, they did not allow us to go out,” says Nazma. “They locked the gate. The workers were screaming together.” Nazma is among the survivors of the Tazreen Fashion factory fire in Bangladesh that killed 112 workers in November. Nazma and others describe the unsafe and deadly working conditions at Tazreen—conditions similar to those many Bangladesh garment workers face every day. Solidarity Center staff in Dhaka, Bangladesh, compiled this report.

Five months later, more than 300 garment workers were killed and 2000 injured by the collapse of the Rana Plaza building near Dhaka that housed five garment factories producing for American and European markets. This man-made tragedy only underscores the futility of “corporate social responsibility” initiatives that merely provide fig leafs for global corporations who disdain responsibility for the atrocious conditions under which their profitable goods are produced.

Recalling the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire that eerily presaged the Tazreen Fashion factory fire 101 years later, we support the  hope that Bangladeshi garment workers will build their own version of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union that was able to improve conditions over time for garment workers in the USA.  The Solidarity Center and the IndustriALL Global Union are doing their best to organize global labor solidarity for the Bangladeshi workers.  Watch this video and share the pain of the victims of the Tazreen Fashion fire and the Dana Plaza mass manslaughter, send messages of protest and solidarity. and remember that they are our sisters and brothers.

Join the campaign and add your voice of protest on the LabourStart campaign calling to make garment factories in Bangladesh safe here:

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