Workers Stand for America and a Second Bill of Rights

by Mike Hall

On Aug. 11, thousands of American workers will come together in Philadelphia in the first major action of the Workers Stand for America campaign, the centerpiece of which is America’s Second Bill of Rights:

Full employment and a living wage.
Full participation in the political process.
A voice at work.
A quality education for all.
A secure and healthy future.

The goal of the Workers Stand for America mobilization, announced earlier this month by Electrical Workers (IBEW) President Edwin Hill and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, is to counter those forces preaching austerity for the vast majority of working families and focus national attention on jobs, economic opportunity and restoring the American Dream for all.

At the rally participants will be encouraged to sign America’s Second Bill of Rights and then to call on lawmakers of both parties to add their signatures of support. Says Hill:

Our message to both political parties is to return to the basic values that created America’s best days….Republicans and Democrats need to hear what the people are saying and break through the gridlock and the attacks on the rights of workers at all levels of government.

America’s Second Bill of Rights will be presented to delegates at both the Democratic and Republican conventions and to candidates this fall.

The Workers Stand for America campaign is not just a union movement, says Trumka.

This is not a union bill of rights. And our campaign and rally on Aug. 11 is not just for union members. As the largest body of organized working people in America, the labor movement is leading the way, but we invite all who share our goals and values to sign on in support of America’s Second Bill of Rights.

Click here to find information about the Philadelphia rally—scheduled from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. EDT— and if you can’t attend, click here to add your name to America’s Second Bill of Rights.

Don’t forget to share information on Twitter, and click here to visit Workers Stand for America Facebook page.

Mike Hall is a writer for the AFL-CIO Now blog, where this report originally appeared.

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