100,000 Strong (The 99% Spring)


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  1. Members of Democratic Socialists of America members will participate in training sessions and strategic planning as a part of a nationwide campaign to prepare some100,000 activists for a nonviolent spring push against the continued economic plundering of the U.S, by the nation’s wealthiest 1 % and the ongoing crises of poverty and unemployment in the nation.
    DSA is the largest socialist organization in the nation. Maria Svart, National Director of DSA says, “Along with over one hundred other progressive groups (see below), and inspired by the actions of Occupy Wall Street and Madison, Wisconsin, we are planning a massive campaign of bold nonviolent direct actions to reveal the continuing crisis of working people in the Great Recession and to make the voices of the 99% impossible for the media to ignore.”
    “Last year, from the Wisconsin workers who took over their state capitol to Occupy Wall Street, we saw a new movement in America using direct action to highlight the massive inequality that’s destroying our country.”
    Locations of training sites can be found here. http://civic.moveon.org/99training/faq.html
    After training in democracy and non violence, the activists will plan direct action campaigns in the region. On March 17, DSA Youth Section activist Cecily McMillan was violently arrested, along with almost 100 other Occupy activists, by NY police. If 250 people were able to initiate the original Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park, just imagine what 100,000 trained activists will do. Tax day actions are among several likely early targets. Activists will find imaginative ways to demand that corporate leaders pay their fair share of taxes. Currently many CEO’s pay a lower tax rate than their secretaries and employees
    Lets all join in with labor.

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