Join Occupy College Teach-Ins

by  Liz Shuler

Liz Shuler, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer

On more than 120 college and university campuses around the nation, Occupy College activists will hold teach-instomorrow and Thursday focusing on vital education issues such as solutions to soaring student debt, reducing the cost of education, improving the quality of education and more. The teach-ins are in preparation the March 1 National Day of Action for Education.

You can follow the teach-ins on Twitter with the hashtag @occupycolleges, here on Facebook and here for more information.

The AFL-CIO stands in support with the students of Occupy Colleges as they fight to keep the cost of a quality college education affordable, oppose the corporatization of public education, support job creation efforts to increase the number of opportunities available to young people after graduation and organize to fight the influence of corporate money in American democracy.

A good college education has long been a critical step for many young people in their journey toward the working world. Similar to the way union membership provides working people with a ladder to the middle class, a college degree has long been synonymous with access to better paying jobs that allow young people the opportunity to establish themselves in the world after graduation.

But when the richest 1 percent crashed the economy in their attempts to add to their already large fortunes, they not only ruined the livelihoods of many working families, they jeopardized the futures of American college students as well.

Young people are well aware of the conditions that spurred the Occupy Wall Street movement, and they are taking action on campuses around the country to stand in solidarity with the movement to solve our country’s income inequality problem and hold Wall Street accountable for their fair share.

The success of our country’s college students and Occupy Colleges is a necessity for the success of our nation’s economic recovery as a whole.

Liz Shuler is Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO. This item is reposted from the AFL-CIO Now blog.


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