Oppose the Columbia FTA

Murder and Impunity of Colombian Trade Unionists

Prepared by USLEAP, June 2011

I. Colombia Remains the Most Dangerous Country to be a Trade   Unionist

51 unionists were assassinated in 2010.

47 union members were killed in Colombia in 2009.

338 unionists received death threats, 35 were forcibly displaced, 16 were harassed, 34 were

arbitrarily detained, and 7 disappeared in 2010.1

21 unionists survived attempts on their lives in 2010.

2800+ union members have been murdered since 1986.

1 every 3.2 days: the rate Colombian unionists were killed on average over the last 24 years.

II. More Trade Unionists are Murdered in Colombia Than in the Rest of the World Combined

III. Passing the Colombia FTA could lead to a surge of violence

After implementation of the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) in 2006, violence against trade unionists in Guatemala jumped from virtually none to 16 murdered in 2009 and another10 killed in 2010, making Guatemala the second deadliest country for trade unionists. The labor protections of CAFTA have so far proved useless in addressing violence and impunity. Indeed, in May 2011, a leader of one of the Guatemalan unions who filed the first labor complaint was murdered. What does this portend for Colombia if an FTA is passed?

V. The April 2011 Labor Action Plan is inadequate

The Obama Administration has been touting its Labor Action Plan with Colombia, agreed to just a couple months ago, as sufficient to pave the way for a vote on the Colombia FTA

The Labor Action Plan has a series of steps that the Colombian government has agreed to take by specific dates. See the USLEAP website for more information on the Labor Action Plan, which will be a focus of attention during the FTA debate. http://www.usleap.org/

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