Contribute to Help Student Workers Exploited by Hershey

by Paul Garver

Four hundred foreign students from many countries paid $6000 for a visa program that placed them performing hard physical labor for $8 at a Palmyra PA warehouse working for the global chocolate giant Hershey. They have gone on strike to demand they be made whole for their fradulent visa fees and that the work at the warehouse be performed by union workers. This work used to be done by much better paid workers belonging to the Bakery, Confectionery and Grain Millers Workers Union before Hershey sub-contracted it.

SEIU’s PA Healthcare President was arrested along with the State AFL-CIO President in solidarity with the strikers. SEIU has sent out an appeal for funds to support the students, and arranged for contributions through the Justice for Hershey Solidarity Fund administered by the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice. You’ll receive an email receipt for your contribution and the students will get every dime of your donation.

We can show the student workers from around the world that many Americans do not toe the neoliberal corporate line and oppose the expoitation of all workers.

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