Boston DSA Awards Reception to Honor Rocio Saenz and Matt Taibbi

Boston DSA’s annual awards reception will honor a long-time advocate for low wage workers and community empowerment along with a best-selling author — Rocio Sáenz and Matt Taibbi.  Co-Chairs for the June 11 reception are Lisa Clauson, Co-Director of  Community Labor United  and Chuck Collins of the  Institute for Policy Studies.

Date: Saturday, June 11
Time: Social 3 PM; Program 4 PM
Place: 56 Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain

There are many instances in U. S. history where immigrant communities and the labor movement have joined together for the benefit of both—from Irish miners union organized in the anthracite coal mining region of Pennsylvania in the 1860ss and ‘70s, too the German brewery workers in Milwaukee and Italian and Jewish garment workers in New York who built their unions in the early 20thh century, to immigrants from Latin America and the Caribean involved in organizing drives today. SEIU 6155 is certainly part of this tradition; they are also focused on organizing the private sector a undertaking desperately needed since the organized part of the U.S. private workkforce is now down to 7.5%.
Rocio SaenzRocio Sáenz is President of SEIU Local 615, which represents 18,000 property service workers in New England. Rocio became an organizer for SEIU’s Justice for Janitors Campaign in 1988, and was part of a team that led a successful campaign to unionize L.A. janitors. In August 2001 she moved to Boston to organize property service workers, and a year later led several thousand janitors on a month-long strike that won improved wages, benefits, and workplace rights. She was elected President of Local 615 in 2003.

Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi’s first job in his almost 20-year career in journalism was as sports editor for the Moscow Times in 1992. He has also played baseball for the Red Army, pro basketball in the Mongolian Basketball Association, and worked for a private detective agency in Boston where his father Mike had previously been a TV journalist. Matt is currently a contributing editor at Rolling Stone and has written two NY Times best sellers, The Great Derangement and Griftopia. In these books and other journalism and TV appearances, he has unraveled with savage wit and political insight the Wall Street-Washington-Academic network that brought us the economic meltdown.

Our honorees will receive separate awards named after Eugene Debs, Norman Thomas and Julius Bernstein, or A. Philip Randolph and Michael Harrington. All were democratic socialist leaders of the last century active in the labor, civil rights and peace movements of their time who embody the political values DSA seeks to carry on today. These awards have been given since 1977 to honor deserving activists and raise funds to support the work of the Boston local. Past awardees include international women’s rights advocate Dessima Williams, Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Robert Haynes, educator Deborah Meier and journalist Bob Kuttner.

Admission is $35. Sponsorship begins at $75, which includes one admission, an open bar, hors d’oeurves, and a listing of your name or group in the Awards journal supplement to be published in the September Yankee Radical, the newsletter of Boston DSA read by over 1400 subscribers.

Download a flier for the reception.  To order a ticket Boston DSA  P.O. Box 51356, Boston MA 02205  (617)354-5078

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  1. Boston DSA held the event yesterday, and it was quite successful. Great to have Rocio and Matt in the same room. We also celebrated Harrris Gruman’s birthday.

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