Defend Social Security

DSA has joined the Strengthen Social Security Campaign, a national coalition organized to support and strengthen Social  Security, and oppose efforts to weaken it by privatization or reducing benefits.  The first shot in the Right’s campaign to cut Social Security was issued by the Presidential Commission on the Federal Debt when the Co-chairs, former Chief of Staff for President Clinton, Erskin Bowles, and former Republican Senator, Alan Simpson issued a report recommending increasing the retirement age and reducing benefits by modifications to the formula for calculating cost-of-living increases and new taxes on some benefits. This despite the fact Social Security has not contributed to the federal deficit.

DSA urges every member and friend to take time during the holiday period to voice their opposition to cutting Social Security benefits.

DSA has prepared background materials to assist members and friends speak up for Social Security. These include sample “letters to the editor,”and some general guidelines on writing such letters; a script for calling your senator to ask them to co-sponsor Bernie Sanders’ resolution and a short booklet with questions and answers about Social Security and the deficit.

DSA’s first activity with Strength Social Security is participation in the November 30 National Call Congress Day a week from today. Join Americans from every state and city in letting Congress know that we won’t stand for cuts to Social Security.Tell Congress: Don’t Carve Up Social Security

The Co-Chairs of the National Fiscal Commission have proposed carving up Social Security like a Thanksgiving turkey. They want to increase the retirement age to 69 – making us work longer, deeply cut benefits for middle-class workers and reduce annual Cost of Living Adjustments. We need your help to stop them!

Join thousands of Americans in a National Call Congress Day on Tuesday, November 30—CAN WE COUNT ON YOU?

We need your voice to be heard! Click here to make the “Count on Me” pledge to add your voice on Tuesday, November 30 and


Social Security is a promise that must not be broken—we’ve worked hard for it and paid taxes for it. It belongs to our children, our parents, our neighbors and ourselves.

ACT NOW! Your voice needs to be heard. Click here to make the “Count on Me” pledge to join the National Call Congress Day on Tuesday, November 30.

Call your United States Senators and your Representative.  Tell them not to cut Social Security.  Help ensure that your Social Security will be there for your children and your grandchildren.

After you’ve made your personal “Count on Me” pledge, forward this blog post and tell your friends, family and co-workers to add their voice and participate in the National Call Congress Day on Tuesday, November 30. Don’t let politicians in Washington cut OUR Social Security!



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