Stewart Acuff on unions and the global economic crisis

On Sunday, March 21, 2010, Stewart Acuff participated in the Left Forum in New York City. He was a featured panelist at the event, speaking about the current economic crisis and the role unions are playing in reaction.

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  1. Here’s an idea for Mr. Acuff: Before going on national television to condemn a piece of legislation READ IT FIRST. That way he will be an informed idiot instead of an idiot without a clue. Of course, he is second to our Attorney General who admitted he had not read the legislation today during a Congressional hearing. That did not keep him from going on national television shows three times in the last three weeks condemning the Arizona law.
    Liberal Democrats will not let facts interfere with their opinion. They are not about to read legislation whether its Arizona’s statute on immigration or the health care bill
    Is Mr. Acuff actually a national organizer? One of those illegal immigrants who cannot speak a bit of English would do a better job.

    Joe Carr
    Cincinnati, OH .

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