Viva La Causa: Sacramento

Cesar Chavez and Duane Campbell

On March 24, the Serna Center in Sacramento will have a special showing of documentary movie Viva La Causa: The Story of the Great Movement for Social Justice led by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. The film will be introduced by Peter Barid, reporter from 1972-1974 for El Malcriado , the UFW newspaper.

There will be a panel discussion chaired by Duane Campnell, CSUC professor emiritus, chair of Sacramento DSA, and Talking Union editorial board member.

Also speaking on the panel will be March Grossman (Cesar Chavez’s long-time press secreatary and current UFW spokesman) Dolores Delgado Campbell (professor of  history, (American River College), Manuel Barajas (Associate Professor of Sociology, CSUS), and Maggie Beddow (Assistant Professor of Bilingual, Multicultural History).

The film and discussion will be  March 24 from 4-6 pm at CSU-Sacramento. Hind Auditorium. Sacramento, Calif.

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