USW President Leo Gerard supports single-payer

“I think we should fight for single-payer health care, fight for a principled position.”  That was the statement made today by Leo Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers (USW), in an exclusive interview with The Real News Network.  Gerard made the statement in the context of discussing the healthcare reform effort currently underway in Washington.

Born and raised in Canada, where his adult children still live, Gerard is in a unique position to comment on the healthcare struggle now going on in the U.S.  The interview was conducted in Gerard’s office at USW headquarters in Pittsburgh.

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2 Responses

  1. The American people, perhaps with the leadership of unions like USW, will have to fight a serious battle to get the healthcare they deserve — a single-payer plan that guarantees coverage to everyone.

    Big Pharma and the health industry are not going to budge easily, especially not with Baucus as the point man.

  2. Healthcare reform is essential, but the current bills will not work and with a mandate would put financial stress on working and middle class Americans. The bills do nothing for the “underinsured”, which most people are—the over 60% of americans that went bankrupt due to medical reasons–75% of whom HAD insurance.

    If you want real healthcare reform support the Weiner amendment replacing HR 3200 with HR 676/enhanced expanded medicare for all. Bernie Sanders may also be proposing an amendment to the senate bill replacing it with S703. Single payer/medicare for all is the ONLY plan that will assure your choice of doctor and hospital. It will save individuals and the government money instead of costing trillions. The benefits are more comprehensive than most peoples insurance with no premiums, co-pays, deductibles and covers medical, dental, vision, chiropractic, home care and even long term care.

    Over 60% of people polled and 59% of doctors support a government insurance program like medicare for all. This is NOT the same as the public option and the current legislation are no where close to a real public option. See these great articles on the Physcians for National Health program site about why the public option won’t work.

    Bait and Switch: How the Public Option was Sold:

    Reply to critics of Bait and switch: How the public option was sold

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